Vinx De'Jon Parrette

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DRUMHEAD Magazine Issue No. 041   

"Alternately described as jazz, world music and soul, Vinx's music is a uniquely compelling blend of rich vocal melodies and harmonies supported and propelled by sophisticatedly primal hand percussion that connects with audiences the world over." ~ Drumhead Magazine

In this 8 page feature article, author Stan Hall, discusses the unique development of Vinx's musical career, highlights and viewpoints on the industry today, and sheds light on that one-of-a-kind Vinx style and where it will take him next.  From percussionist to vocalist, from Berklee College of Music in Boston to the slopes of Mont Blanc, Vinx is always inventing new ways to express his art and reinventing just what it means to be a musical genius at the top of his game.  Get your copy today
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NEW RELEASE "Love Never Comes Too Late" AVAILABLE NOW...  "A sexy album that can let you put the Barry White discs away for a while and let you enjoy the places Smoky Robinson might have gone to if he had the creative freedom in the 80s, you can almost feel the dimmer switch moving itself and the wine pouring itself as this disc plays on. Well done, of course." ~ Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD

Love Never Comes Too Late is a musically diverse collection of original love songs by the one and only VINX.  This album is a nod to the magic of the original crooners – artists like Arthur Prysock, Billy Eckstein, Jon Lucien and Harry Belafonte. Rich and seductive, smooth and sophisticated, VINX’s lush baritone creates the perfect atmosphere for romance. And it is VINX’s signature percussion and inventive arrangements that keep this album pointed toward the future and relevant to all genres of today’s listeners.

In our lives we give ourselves deadlines, to be successful by 25, married with family by 35, happily retired by 60 and so on. Whether we get there or not we believe these are within our control. But love insists on its own schedule and will not be ruled by expectation or duty... and the wisest of us know that Love Never Comes Too Late.

VINX interview with Pat Prescott from the
WAV 94.7 in LA
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