“The future of vocal jazz innovation is safe in the voice of VINX” – Al Jarreau

VINX is undoubtedly one of the most gifted improvisational vocalists performing today.  With songs that range from jazz to funk, bossa nova to blues and back again, each audience takes a world tour with VINX as their private guide.  Soaring vocals, intricate layered melodies and grooves, and his primal hand drum holding it all together mark the signature style that makes VINX a stand out.  Infused with tastes from around the world, his songwriting is a tour de force combining the best in storytelling with the heart and soul of a true balladeer.  Although he is often joined by a range of stunning musicians, he is unique in that his fined tuned composition skills, mastery of in-the-moment vocal looping and razor sharp instincts infuse his solo performance with the lushness of a full symphony orchestra.   
VINX has recorded and toured with some of the music industry’s greatest icons: Stevie Wonder, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow, Branford Marsalis, Ernie Watts, Taj Mahal, Ricki Lee Jones, Darius Rucker, Vance Gilbert, Cassandra Wilson, Brenda Russell, Cher and numerous others.  His songwriting credits are a long list ranging from Tom Jones and Will Downing to The Lion King and Sprite™.  He was a teacher at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and Vinx's Songwriter Soul Kitchen Retreats in his French production company & studios and acclaimed ARTIST WITHIN global workshop series. Click Here for More Information https://www.vinx.com/vinx-soul-kitchen-creativity-sessions-france

“A powerful effortless tunesmith and a vocalist of uncommon subtlety and understanding." – The Philadelphia Inquirer
“His baritone voice swooping and soaring through melodies had me open mouthed, gaping in that telling combination of wonder and envy that great artists sometimes provoke” – STING
“VINX is the gift you give to someone you really care about” – Stevie Wonder


DOWNLOADABLE - Vinx Bio with Complete Timeline An overview of Vinx's career with dates, featured musical collaborations, etcetera 65.5 KB


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50 Memoirs of a Hip 'Ole Black Man... a film about VINX... click here

50 Memoirs of a Hip 'Ole Black Man... a film about VINX... click here

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