Chalabre en Sérénade - Festival de la Chanson d'Amour

A Gathering of Musicians, Artists, Dancers and Designers from Around the World

Please help us make Chalabre en Sérénade better than ever in 2019!   We are a non-profit organization registered in France and all proceeds go to taking care of the artists!  We thank you...   VINX and Jennifer

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 Chalabre en Sérénade 2019!!!

* Jazz * Rock * Pop * Soul * Blues * Chanson Française *


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Lovers and artists from around the globe make the annual pilgrimage to our little village in the Cathar region of southern France - Chalabre.  During the week, professional vocalists perform romantic songs in local villages, parks, streets, theaters and bars. They sing on juliet balconies and main stages, lakeshores and castle steps.  The main event is held in a charming covered market square in the center of town on Saturday night... This year, more than twenty professional vocalists from around the globe will be serenading the audience with a range of styles as diverse as the faces of love itself!  Amateur singers are also invited and encouraged to participate and share the stage on Saturday night with these wonderful world-class professional vocalists and musicians directed by French American Recording artist VINX.  Song dedications to loved ones are part of this wonderful tradition!

To introduce many of the musicians who will be performing during the week, our opening ceremony begins on Thursday evening with a parade through town to hear vocal serenades from the beautiful juliet balconies of this bastide village.  Thursday happens to be a national holiday this year here in France, 15 August, so our festival will include the traditional village dinner and fireworks display at our own lake - with food trucks, dancers, music and a full on dance party to end the night outside under the stars after the fireworks show!  

Friday afternoon features an urban art show with graffiti artists and street musicians as well as food trucks and uban acrobats at the riverside park by the abattoir.  Friday night features a performance by VINX and our a group of American Soul singers followed by a village street party where the stage is set up outside and the streets are closed off to welcome the crowd (between Cafe des Sports and The Hotel de France). 

Saturday is Chalabre's market day and in keeping with that theme there will be food trucks and local artists surrounding the square and musicians to serenade you all day long!  Saturday afternoon features a fashion show set to live music in honor of our region's history as the home to french fabric houses, shoe makers and hat makers.  Visit the galleries throughout town featuring these local and international artisans and designers.  Saturday evening is our main event - Le Grande Sérénade - on the square featuring over 20 singers from around the world.  Afterward, stay in town to enjoy the afterparty jam sessions at The Hotel de France, Café de la Paix or Café des Sports.

Throughout the weekend, please enjoy this beautiful part of France.  You can stroll or bike along our Voie Verte (reclaimed railroad tracks) and Castle hop among over 10 Cathar Castles in the region - the queen of which is UNESCO world heritage site La Cité.  Enjoy guided Wine Tours of the Languedoc... There is a classical concert planned by Musique en Kercorb on the Sunday after the festival, August 18, and there are sure to be other surprises as well.  The Villagers will embrace you and kiss you twice so Welcome and Bienvenue!

" I've travelled to and performed in many music festivals during my career, always with the goal of giving a life changing performance that would demand that I be invited back.  The first time is always the hardest ... who will give you a chance in a foreign land where no one knows you?  I've always been in a great position to discover rising stars and great artists who are at all stages of their careers, so Chalabre en Sérénade is about discovery.   I've wanted to have an event that could give artists a way to be heard by promoters, small club owners and new fans ... we all know that this is the way to build a career ... baby steps into the hearts of true music lovers. "   ~  VINX, Artistic Director

Our Local History

This area of France is unique in history.  In the dawn of the 12th century, the troubadours began this musical tradition in local chateaux.  The singing troubadours started in our area and spread throughout much of medieval Europe.  We continue this tradition in Chalabre today. 

Our modern version pays homage to "Dame Blanche - the lady in white" who fell in love with a troubadour from Chalabre who drove her mad with passion.  She ordered her servants to lower the water level so he could better see and enjoy her physique.  Their miscalculation caused a breach in the damn, unleashing a devastating flood that wiped out the entire Quercorb valley from Puivert to Mirepoix.  So, on this day we sing of the awesome power of love.

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For Artists

If you would like to travel to France and join our village troubadours, please contact Vinx Festival Director:

Vinx De'Jon Parrette +33 (0) 601283131 10 rue Saint Antoine. Chalabre, 11230 Occitanie France