Zaharada CNK, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

VINX with BASOSTROJ - Martin Žiak – bass, producer and songwriter, during his career he cooperated with many Slovak and Czech artists: Henry Tóth, Ivan Tásler, Peter Lipa, Katarína Korček, Silvia Josifoska, Nikki Tresor, Boboš and Sitra Achra and many others

Emil Frátrik – drums, has been on the Czechoslovak scene for more than 30 years, recorded more than 70 albums with top artists, also cooperated with foreign artists like Ivan Kral USA ( Patti Smith, Iggy Pop ), Delmar Brown USA ( Gil Evans Orchestra, Miles Davis, Sting ) Eric Marienthal USA( Chick Corea Electric Band ) Garry Bias USA( Earth Wind and Fire ) and many others.

Peter Kočiš – keys, currently mostly active with AMC Unit feat Eric Marienthal, Michael "Patches" Stewart.