Press Quotes

"VINX: One of those cats that personifies the equation that luck is just preparation meeting opportunity; one of those cats that does everything well and seems to not make a big deal out of it, Vinx steps out of his comfort zone and goes quiet storm---and does it well. With more accent on crooning than banging on things, he shows the urgency of the classic soul singers---the ones without the histrionics. A sexy album that can let you put the Barry White discs away for a while and let you enjoy the places Smoky Robinson might have gone to if he had the creative freedom in the 80s, you can almost feel the dimmer switch moving itself and the wine pouring itself as this disc plays on. Well done, of course." ~ Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD

"Like the great balladeers of the '40s and '50s, Vinx boasts a dulcet-toned croon, which can envelop a romantic rhapsody or stretch into effortless volcalese. Add to that admirable quality an unparalleled talent for percussive invention, and an ear for moody sonic artistry and you have the unique mix showcased on Big 'n' Round...."

"Imagine a classic R&B voice like those of Sam Cooke or Al Jarreau singing a cappella over a boisterous percussion troupe and you might get a hold on Vinx's magic...It's his yearning voice, alternately full of both anguish and joy, that makes you listen."

"There is sometimes complexity in Vinx's simplicity...Vinx is a singer and percussionist, arranger and producer who calls his music "primal pop" because of the raw, stripped-down syncopation...and when Vinx wants to color his primal sounds with modern ones, he hooks up with the best. Aside from his ability to construct exciting rhythms, Vinx is a harmonious baritone vocalist with range, charisma, tounge-in-cheek humor and a fiery passion..."

"...Vinx is a remarkable musician who can croon in an ardent, enfolding baritone while tapping intricate, shifting patterns on hand drum..."

"Imagine Bobby McFerrin's sunny disposition blended with tribal drum patterns, L.A.'s and Babyface's cool-headed approach to dance-pop juxtaposed with the instinctual elemental hooks of early Police. And Prince's harsh, minimalist backgrounds supporting vocals that rival Nat "King" Cole's for sweetness...a powerful effortless tunesmith and a vocalist of uncommon subtlety and understanding."

"The first time I saw Vinx was in a little club in Santa Monica called "At My Place". I'd just been to the movies and was walking back to my car when it started to rain, so I stepped into the club, ordered a beer and sat down to wait for the rain to stop. At the other end of the club there was a guy with blue hair playing an African talking drum. Just him and a drum, no band; I could hear every nuance and inflection of his baritone voice swooping and soaring through melodies that had me open mouthed, gaping in that telling combination of wonder and envy that great artists sometimes provoke. The most interesting thing about his melodies was that within a single vocal line he was able to suggest the harmonic structure of the song without an accompanying chordal instrument. This is a rare talent. I stayed until the end of the set and introduced myself backstage. I asked if he had a record contract, he said he didn't; now he does. I wanted this record to produce the same effect on the listener that our accidental meeting had on me. He is unique. His music didn't need to be overly dressed up, it is already elegant. My job as producer was merely to be enthusiastic; you don't advise those who already know, you don't have to fire up someone who is already burning with passion. Vinx has something to say. Let him tell you himself." ~ STING

“Fun, Fun, Fun!!! This is what Vinx is all about as he loves what he does and it exudes abundantly throughout his music. He is an extraordinary percussionist with a golden baritone voice that fans can’t seem to get enough of. For this holiday season…Little Drummer Boy, is available in retail. It poses a special holiday treat. Eleven of the 12 tracks on Little Drummer Boy are standards that Vinx added his own special twist to. The Jamaican tinged melody with lyrics “Winter Wonderland’’ that presents a snowman named “Mr. James Brown” offers a danceable funky beat….  “Christmas In Paradise”, a Vinx original, is a carnival reminiscence of dancing in the streets while the steel pans drive the rhythmic beat. Track favorite is the lively, jazzy rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” It has a scat culmination that is just awesome…. So before you haul out the holly, it might not be a bad idea to have Vinx’s classic queued up and set to play.”

"VINX - what music should be. In a music world full of glitz, glamour and fabricated talent, it is refreshing to know true artists, masters in the language of music still exist. Vinx with a voice, that on its own, strikes emotional chords that make most other things in the world seem insignificant, backed by the talent of hand-picked musicians bring music to its roots. While the diverse musical styles of Vinx may be hard to categorize at face value, once heard, are impossible to forget." ~ BILL LALLY, OWNER, TECHVINEYARD


How do you know when you have mastered your craft?” I don’t think I can answer that for anyone, but I do believe that true Mastery like Excellence, arrives with an empty cup so that it can grow, evolve and continue to improve. I’m here for it and excited for my next session with Vinx!” - Hedda Kim