Dreamsicle SongWerks

Dreamsicle SongWerks was founded by and is directed by internationally acclaimed songwriter/vocalist/producer, Vinx.  Through his involvement, Dreamsicle SongWerks has developed a unique process and network of respected songwriters and producers to create and produce custom musical works to meet the marketing goals of the most sophisticated and discerning customers. We know that exceptional products, exceptional artists, and exceptional opportunities deserve exceptional music to accompany their promotion. Adapting a radio hit may work for certain projects, but in most cases, the unique message that our customers want to send is best achieved with truly custom musical arrangements and often with customized performances as well. We work with a variety of clients: commercial products companies, service organizations, charities/professional groups, and musicians/producers looking for songs to use in their own upcoming projects.

Dreamsicle SongWerks' advantage is its creative genius as well as its creative process. Each assignment is organized as an immersive experience where industry recognized musicians, songwriters and producers come to our state of the art facility to collaborate on the assignment and to produce a variety of musical works for each client to review. Through the use of Skype, the client is invited to give direct advice and critique and review the process and progress at multiple points throughout the assignment. This immersive experience shortens the production time immensely, saving time and money, but also provides for a better, more unique and specialized outcome… we live it and breathe it, eat it and sleep it and are 100% focused on that project alone.

The Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment group has access to an impressive group of musicians, producers and songwriters. Mark Cawley, Brenda Russell, Chiedza Ponder, Gerald (GG) Harbour, Michael Hurwitz, Vincent King, Emily Musolino and Vinx himself are a few of the professionals we work with. In addition to the retreat format, Dreamsicle SongWerks can arrange for access to each artists' existing individual catalog.

Specialized music production is our passion, our craft and our business. Let our music factory create the soundtrack to your unique story!

Call Jennifer for booking inquiries: 603-674-4656 or email her at dreamsiclearts@gmail.com