The International Serenade Festival

An International Gathering of Musicians, Artists, Dancers and Designers to Celebrate the Power of Love!

Lovers and artists from around the globe make the annual pilgrimage to our festival and workshops that are held around the world in places that inspire with their history, their beauty and their ambiance.  During the week, talented vocalists perform romantic songs in local villages, parks, streets, theaters and bars. They sing on juliet balconies, main stages, lakeshores and castle steps.  The main event is the culmination of the master classes held throughout the week.  Directed by internationally acclaimed American recording artist VINX, the festival and its masterclass series has been held in multiple venues in the United States and most recently near Carcassonne, France.  We are excited to be bringing you many more opportunities worldwide! 

" I've travelled to and performed in many music festivals during my career, always with the goal of giving a life changing performance that would demand that I be invited back.  The first time is always the hardest ... who will give you a chance in a foreign land where no one knows you?  I've always been in a great position to discover rising stars and great artists who are at all stages of their careers, so the International Sérénade Festival is about mentoring and discovery.   I've wanted to have an event that could give artists a way to be heard by promoters, small club owners and new fans ... we all know that this is the way to build a career ... baby steps into the hearts of true music lovers. "   ~  VINX, Artistic Director

For artists...

If you would like to travel to Europe, Africa, or throughout the United States and join our group of international troubadours, please contact Vinx Festival Director:

Vinx De'Jon Parrette    


" Our Festival was born of love and respect for our new home in France... we want to share the magic of Europe and its people with you!  The first Festival of Serenades was actually our wedding reception in a small village in the south of France.  We received such an overwhelming response from the artists, that we vowed to continue the tradition throughout the world... please enjoy this video and we hope to see you soon!! "    ~  Vinx and Jenn