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VINX is a singer, songwriter, percussionist, producer & former Berklee College of Music Professor who has recorded and toured with some of the music industry’s greatest icons: Stevie Wonder (Conversation Piece), Sting (Soul Cages), Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow, Branford Marsalis, Ernie Watts (Musican), Taj Mahal, Ricki Lee Jones, Darius Rucker, Will Downing, Cassandra Wilson (Blue Light Till Dawn), among many. For many years he taught at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and continues his teaching through his acclaimed workshop series – The Artist Within, The Songwriter Soul Kitchen & The VINX Vocal Summit. 

  Vinx professional music career kicked off in 1978, when legendary blues musician Taj Mahal invited Vinx to play on stage with him at the Montreux Jazz Festival after hearing him busking at the festival gates. At that time Vinx was a professional athlete, so his music career was on hold while he trained, but once he set off down the music road, the music took over. In 1991 Vinx released his first studio album; Rooms In My Fatha's House, going on to release a further 16 albums (and counting) since then. Vinx's music has been used in shows from The Lion King (Digga Tunnah Dance) to Northern Exposure (There I Go Again) and numerous commercials around the world. Vinx continues to record new music, tour and to teach other musicians how to reach their full potential.

Working with so many music legends enabled Vinx to master his craft and help others with their own creative development, through songwriting, producing and teaching. With the addition of 14 years of teaching at Berklee, Vinx developed unique teaching methods, which he continues to share in creativity and songwriting workshops and retreats. This includes an affordable online weekly group workshop, where Vinx works with you to unlock your inner creativity helping you to access the tools you need to achieve your goals with your music career. This is a group workshop so you get to meet and collaborate with musicians from around the world, should you wish.

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Access Your True Creative Potential with Vinx

Alongside Vinx's work as a songwriter and musician Vinx can transform how you access your true creative potential. Vinx is a singer, songwriter, lyricist, percussionist, producer, former athlete and former Berklee College of Music Professor. 

Vinx was a teacher at Berklee College of Music in Boston for 14 years, in which time he created The Songwriters Soul Kitchen workshops and creative retreats. He has spent 40 years helping musicians become artists, more recently through his leading curriculum of finding the Artist Within.

With a lifetime spent creating, collaborating and sharing his music, Vinx has recorded and written with artists including Stevie Wonder, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow, Branford Marsalis, Ernie Watts, Taj Mahal, Rickie Lee Jones, Darius Rucker, Vance Gilbert, Cassandra Wilson, Brenda Russell, Cher and many superstar musicians. His songs have been recorded by numerous artists including Tom Jones, Cassandra Wilson and Will Downing, as well as featuring in The Lion King, Northern Exposure, a Sprite commercial and more. 

Vinx is undoubtedly one of the most gifted improvisational vocalists performing today, with songs ranging from jazz to funk, bossa nova to blues and back again. Soaring vocals, intricate layered melodies and grooves mark Vinx’s signature style. Infused with tastes from around the world, his songwriting is a tour de force combining the best in storytelling with the heart and soul of a true balladeer. 

Vinx would love to help you ignite your creative spark and reach your greatest potential by unlocking the powerful creativity already within you at his leading workshops and artists retreats.  

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Songwriting Retreat & Workshops

VINX Virtual Songwriting & Creativity Workshop - 1 month - you can also purchase multiple months.
  • VINX Virtual Songwriting & Creativity Workshop - 1 month - you can also purchase multiple months.

VINX Virtual Songwriting & Creativity Workshop - 1 month - you can also purchase multiple months.

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