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Join Vinx for life-changing workshops and retreats in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Work with Vinx to hone your creativity and level up your career, with techniques that work, not only across audio and visual arts, but also for anyone who wants to go deeper into their creative thinking. 

Whether you are a songwriter, musician, music producer, filmmaker or a photographer, a copywriter, marketing director or painter, Vinx innovative creativity exercises will encourage artistic exploration and give you the tools you need to create from a truly vulnerable place and deeply connect with your audience. 

Join Vinx in class or on a retreat to collaborate with fellow creatives from around the world. Build friendships and become part of an exceptionally creative community

Vinx is a renowned writer, musician, producer and former Berklee College of Music Professor whose unique methods have been taught to students worldwide. With several decades of experience in music, Vinx has written for, recorded  and toured with artists including Stevie Wonder, Sting, Taj Mahal and Tom Jones, among many others. Click here to read more.