to receive guidance & mentorship on your creative journey. 

It's called the Soul Kitchen, because your artistry comes from your soul; but Vinx's retreats are for all musicians and songwriters from all genres of music. It's about finding the artist within you and lighting your fire.

Work on your artistic growth in a safe and supportive environment, partnering with others in an atmosphere that promotes creative collaboration and exploration, enabling you to dig deep into your soul, invigorate your creative spark and hone your performance skills. All the while, making lifelong friends on your creative journey.

This is a creative journey, for everyone!

Our most recent SOUL KITCHEN RETREAT is a WRAP!   
And it was AMAZING … 

Check out the video above for a few highlights of the two weeks!

Held in November, 2022, this session of our amazing SOUL KITCHEN CREATIVITY RETREATS took place in the heart of the stunning Languedoc wine country, steeped in the spiritual history of the Cathar region - where Medieval castle spires and the Pyrenees mountains seem to touch the heavens themselves – close to the fortified city of Carcassonne - one of the world's most beautiful places to delve into your craft and explore your creativity

The retreat included workshops, rehearsals, hands on recording studio experiences, individual and group creativity and writing sessions, multiple live performance opportunities in various retreat spaces, studios and in our main performance space, aka the Suga Lip Lounge! We stayed in a beautiful domaine with its own recording studio, comfortable rooms and our own personal chef. Professionals came to work on their craft and novices learned from the best international teachers. 

Each Soul Kitchen retreat is unique because every group of artists are unique and have different challenges individually and collaboratively. We tailor each experience based on the wonderful people that attend each retreat! 

Soul Kitchen is the brainchild of International world class performer, Vinx De'Jon Parrette. He is a former Berklee College of Music educator, songwriter, recording artist, ethnomusicologist, a multiple award winning documentary film subject and a great coach. 


There is no creativity formula that works for everybody. I teach an individual curriculum that brings out your unique Artist Within, tuning in to your individual skills, tools and perceptions. Some sessions are scheduled, but I also know it is better to be organic and work with the creativity happening in each moment. 

Each session is crafted to present and develop tools for critical listening to help you better understand the source of your inspiration. We all have a life filter that houses our library of experiences and memories. This filter allows us to colour and embellish all information that is received through it. Yet we rarely recognize that our true genius walks within our own unique creative process.   

I will guide you through unique and proven methods, challenging you to go deeper into your artistry than you might have tried before, allowing you to awaken your artistic soul. You will develop a comprehensive toolkit, enabling you to be more impactful and authentic in your craft. 

I have many different exercises to inspire you, whether you are a painter, a musician, producer, architect, dancer, fashion designer or indeed, any role in which you want to unlock your full creative potential. My exercises will inspire your artistry and help you to reconnect with your inner creativity, wherever you are on your creative journey.  

You will also have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with artists you may not otherwise meet, including with professionals I have met in my own creative journey. 

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