Hello and welcome to The Magic Web - adventures into the world of music!   The first episode is now available on Amazon.  For more information about all of The Magic Web books click in this image…

Below you will find a selection of Vinx music to listen to while you read the book - or just to listen to for fun!  It means so much to us to have your feedback, so please let us know what you think ... send us an email at Vinx@Vinx.com    Enjoy the adventure!

The Magic Web - discovery playlist


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A selection of VINX music to accompany your reading of The Magic Web - or simply to enjoy!

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The Magic Web is phase one of a multi-media project that lets children explore world music and the cultural flavors that create it. Our unique approach is centered on a little girl and her friends' adventures in an apartment building where each tenant represents a style of Latin music.  Join their search for Reggae, a magical spider that weaves the web of any musical instrument, as they visit each apartment and learn more about the residents of their building.  As their search goes to higher and higher floors, via Elvira the elevator and Jazzman the Doorman, the styles of Latin music become more recent in time.

In the basement, the furnace, washing machine and dryer come alive with music blending and mixing the musical styles of the tenants that use them. The clothesline dances along as Reggae the spider conducts. 

The first phase is to introduce the characters via a book. The second phase is to release a computer game or video series for our adventure. Each apartment is full of information to discover. In this computerized version, a click of the mouse lets you explore every detail in each apartment. The television shows old footage as the record player plays songs from that style. The closet displays costumes and the shoes demonstrate dances. The refrigerator is full of traditional food and drink. Pictures on the dresser reflect relatives in a musical family tree. 

In phase three, we add another tower to the apartment complex.  This time it’s Jazz. Next? Maybe Folk or Irish music, the possibilities are endless.