I'm so excited to be able to present my new project - ReVINX - an opportunity for young DJs, Producers, etc. to get a moment in the spotlight - there are many musical genre's that are new to me or are different than anything that I have attempted before - so I have learned so much with this project.  Thank you to all the incredible artists who have shared their amazing talents with me and with all of you....

A very special THANK YOU goes out to Directors: Faizalshahrin for taking this idea and running with it and CL "Big Toe" Toh for his superb mastering skillzzzz!

Stay tuned each week for a new release from these amazing new talents....

Anastasia Safronova

Anastasia Saff is an electronic music producer from Moldova. Naturally using her ears more than her other body parts. Appreciating the healing nature of music.  Cockatiel mom, cheese junkie, Jeju Island as a happy place.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AnastiaSafronova


SAINT-DROP is a french composer, guitarist and beatmaker.

Born in 1995, he started playing the guitar at 11 years old. He played in Rock and Metal bands during Hi-School. After, he studied in France for 3 years to get his music degree. During his studies, he developed an interest in electronic music and started composing beats with his computer; mixing Metal, EDM and Orchestral Music.

Since October 2020, SAINT-DROP posts two compositions a week on his Instagram and Youtube Channel, mixing Trap music with unusual genres to create unique Rap Instrumentals.

Alina Valentina

Alina Valentina is based in The Hague.  As a music producer, she draws heavily from retro soundtrack and video game music.  With her love for analog synthesizers she creates immersive, neo-surrealist ‘Lynchian’ sound explorations reminiscent of modern composers like John Carpenter as well as more pop contemporaries Antoni Maiovvi, Lebanon Hanover and Molly Nilsson.  Influenced by industrial music, synth pop and dark wave, her work blends camp sensibilities with melancholic and detached vocal delivery. 








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