The Artist Within - A Creativity Workshop with VINX

Krasnodar, Russia

Riga, Latvia

US Embassy Prague, CZ

Vocal Workshop Dreamsicle Studios, NH

This intensive, hands on workshop which spans one, two or three days, brings together all of the knowledge and inspiration that VINX shares with his students at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music.  Over the course of the workshop, VINX presents and outlines tools for critical listening to help you better understand the source of your inspiration.  Each of us has a life filter that houses our library of experiences and memories. This filter allows us to color and embellish all information that is received through it. Our modern lifestyles are so often restricted by boundaries and social constructs that we have lost touch with our own creative truth.  We rarely recognize that our true genius walks within our own unique creative process. 

“My ART is my opinion and my CREATIVITY is in the telling of it.” – Vinx 

The Workshop Objectives:
1.  Explore new ways to be inspired (triggering the artist within)
2.  Introduce the participants to themselves  (twinkle twinkle)
3.  Expose their unique opinion and creativity (authentic self)
4.  Learn to respect the creative process and truth of others (true diversity/first kiss))
5.  Strive to see and hear beyond the obvious (the back story)

“You can’t sing of life unless you live it” ~ Vinx

"Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities within my story.  I am re-energized" - Libor H., CZ                      

"I am now using my voice in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you, Vinx, for your inspiration!" - Florence J., Luxembourg

"I have studied voice for many years, but you have single handedly blown open a whole new way of thinking about my art" - Patti M., USA
"How do you know when you have mastered your craft?” I don’t think I can answer that for anyone, but I do believe that true Mastery like Excellence, arrives with an empty cup so that it can grow, evolve and continue to improve. I’m here for it and excited for my next session with Vinx!" ~ Hedda Kim, Las Vegas USA